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Defiance Weapon Leveling Guide

In this post we are going to look at weapons in Defiance and the quickest way to level them. You can see the XP you are getting for a weapon in Defiance by the bar below each weapon and you will be able to see it below the mods slots of each weapon.

As you get more XP you will get weapon skills.

The thing to remember in Defiance is that once you have leveled a weapon and gained max XP you need to swap your weapons and level another one as each weapon can only be leveled once.

The rate at which your weapon will level is down to the damage you are dealing.

Once you level up you get an effect on your weapon and these can be:

  • Electrical which will stun enemies.
  • Toxic which will increase damage dealt by 20%.
  • Radiation which will increase the damage a target takes.
  • Biological which will slow them down.
  • Incendiary which will burn the enemy.
  • Syphon which will take some of the enemies’ health and give it to you.

So the main thing to remember is to keep on swapping your weapons as you need to level them up.

Eventually you will end up with an arsenal of powerful weapons on Defiance.

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