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Defiance Quick Progress Tips For Beginners

image4uAs I’m sure you’re aware, Defiance which is the ground breaking new MMO from those guys over at Trion, was recently launched. Ground breaking because it merges a third person shooter with the strategy aspect of an MMO. In this post we will give you a few tips that will help you make fast progress assuming you have just started playing the game.

Tip 1: EGO Rating not points!

You will start getting an EGO rating as soon as you start the game. You can then increase the rate you “level” by exploring, completing missions and side missions as well. The key is to focus on getting your EGO rating up as quickly as possible.

If of course you want to make the fastest progress through the game.

An easy way to do this is just focus on the main missions when you start and the time trials or side missions that are on your path. For example, early on in the game you’ll get a mission that involves going to a headquarters. You’ll then need to turn off the Sentry guns and get inside the building. On the way to pick up this main mission, you’ll get a time trial that you can complete quickly with your vehicle.

Most side missions will give you mods for weapons as well.

As a rule, in the beginning, try and stay on track and focus on the main story missions because they’ll give you the best rewards.
Tip 2: Use Cover And Movement

Defiance is an MMORG but it’s also a shooter. You’ll need to build up skills with weapons. A couple of tips though is to stay on the move by strafing while you are shooting left and right. Another thing you can do is use cover and make sure you use the “Alt” key on the PC or the equivalent on the Xbox 360 or PS3 to roll out of the way of danger. If you add movement, a jump and a roll, you’ll be far harder to hit.
Tip 3: Make Sure You Pick The Right Weapon For The Job

Early on in the game you’ll get a shotgun that’s very handy if you fight up close. To be honest, it’s better than the pistol you’ll get. Use the pistol to shoot enemies above you and the shotgun when you need close range destruction. Also, start to think about the way you want to play, as if you use the same weapon you’ll level it faster.
Tip 4: Go Green Fast!

Another good reason to stick to the main story missions is that you’ll get green gear faster. It’s not perfect by any means, but greens are a lot better than standard issue. Within 30 minutes you can have a green pistol, green shotgun, shield and grenade. Also make sure you actually replace your gear in your loadout screen.
Tip 5: Go For Decoy If You Are New!

When you start out you’ll want to pick the best EGO powers. I suggest if you’re new, go for Decoy. You can read about the EGO powers and perks, but the main thing to remember is to pick one to match your playstyle.

Following the above tips above you should be able to make much faster progress through the game.


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